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Century home renovation

"I haven’t met anyone who has done work on their home and does not have a ‘renovation nightmare’ story. We had two really good ones before meeting Jess and the team, from Jess Homes. My wife and I bought a century home in Caledon that needed some work. We had two smaller ‘renovation nightmares’ that had us both very nervous about getting some structural work as well as a major kitchen renovation done. Jess was recommended to us through some of my own research. I had a number of contractors in to quote on the job. After gathering the quotes, I decided to ‘interview’ Jess about the job. I was pretty extreme about the selection and wasn’t easy on Jess…I simply didn’t trust contractors. Throughout the process, Jess was very patient and understanding. Even though the job Jess was bidding on for us wasn’t huge in relation to some of the projects his company has done, he treated it with the same respect and importance. A few of the key points I put across were: 1. The specific budget I had available to invest in our renovation 2. The timeline of the renovation, with specific start and end dates, and 3. Work hours of the team doing the job (I wasn’t interested in anyone showing up at 11 am and working until 1am…or not showing up at all). Needless to say, he fully delivered on all points…without issue.

The two gentlemen we saw on a day-to-day basis were Phil and Jordan, plus a few labours and other trades from time to time. This dynamic duo of Phil and Jordan produced like a full crew. Always there on time as well as cleaned up and gone when the day was done. They kept us posted on progress and updated the timeline. They both paid very close attention to detail and took ownership of the project. For example, one day when they were finishing up on some drywall work, Phil called me in to the new kitchen to discuss something. My kneejerk thought was ‘oh no, what’s wrong’…I was so impressed with his ‘issue’. Phil said “I’m not happy with how the drywall looks in this area…so we need to put the breaks on so I can fix it”. He pointed out the 3 foot drywall seam that he wasn’t happy with, but I couldn’t see any issue! I would have never noticed…that’s taking ownership! That’s the kind of contractor you want doing work for you. Trustworthy, reliable and doing work with excellence.

It’s been almost a year since we’ve had the team from Jess Homes at our place and we are still raving about the work they did. They were excellent in the bidding, excellent in the construction and excellent in the follow-up and completion. Thanks fellas! "

Brad and Amber Sloss

The Project

This project consisted of a renovation of a century home. The client had previously undergone renovations which did not go as planned, and we were happy to help out.

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